Frequently Asked Quesions

+ What is the benefit of creating a website for my business?

The website is your gate to go online with your business, every one looking for the product or service you provide on the internet can find and visit your site. 

The good site should leave a good impression on your visitors, be easy to navigate and easy to communicate with your potential customers.

A lot of business nowadays work online with a small budget, you can market your site online you can’t imagine how many people around the word using the internet they are about 2,095 billion
(30.2 %)of world POPULATION as the last Statistics of

+ Should I have a web hosting on your servers?

Working with our hosting will allow us to handle a lot of issues like developing compatibility, testing and future update, you may have a web hosting in another place but it should work at least with PHP and MySQL technologies.

+ What is the difference between a static and a dynamic website?

Simply the dynamic website is built on a database core instead of static one that only based on HTML pages. The dynamic site is able to save all of your site information in database tables so we can handle this information later with a lot of features. 

Usually a static site is limited in pages and features but the good issue” it’s cheaper”.

Also, a dynamic site is the better for huge business websites or extendable ones.

+ Can I start with static site and upgrade my site later?

You can add a lot of feature to your static web site but to be based on data base we have to re create it again, it’s possible but not simple

+ Is it possible to create my site based on Flash technology?

Sure Flash Technology can make your site attractive with animation effects, it is better for some businesses to create their website based on Flash. 

Also nowadays we have a lot of technologies that do the same and can be integrated with your dynamic site like JQuery, Java Script, etc..