Web Design

By now, you have your online domain name and your hosting space. It’s time to build your site.

The right question here is: “How my website should be like?”

Well, the answer is we have a process to create your new site as the following:

Designer one to one meeting

I know what i am really need from my site, I’m not sure of what I need or I have no idea about the web a lot of answers we may listen to from our different customers but what we believe that a meeting with our designer should cutter the space between our customer aspirations and our designer inspiration

Some of questions we should know the answer:

  • Who are your site audience?
  • What is the purpose of the site?
  • Why do you redesign you website?
  • What sites do you like and what you don’t …why?

Home page demo

A home page demo is the best way to introduce what we get from our client to the real web world. You should really know what your site will be after the web design is finished. Two demos with different appearance and colors can do a lot
You can accept one of them or do some modifications you can also refuse them and request for a new one but I think that will need a phone call with our designer again
Any way finally you should get what you are looking for plus our designer experience to get the best of design for the web considering the web standards and the latest technologies on the world wide web

Inner pages Web Design

According to the home page design our web designer should start creating the inner pages of the site with the same spirit of the home page
Every page should designed and customized regarding to the data available in that page and be easy to reach and browse as well
Boring pages let customer easily escape from your site
We pay extra attention to inner pages. They have to be as well designed and browsed as the homepage

Site development

Now we are behind the scene it’s a combination of five persons should now work for your site project success- A specialist web designer responsible for developing HTML, CSS and JQuery coding.- A web developer, responsible for PHP, Java, and AS3 coding.- A flash animation designer.

- A project tester, responsible for discovering mistakes and browser compatibility.

- And for sure a project manager.

The time line differs from web design project to another depends on the size of the site content, a simple site with five pages can take seven to ten working days to finish, on the other hand, a huge website project can take months.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Nobody will write you company name in Google to search for a product or service that you provide. It is the other way round.Imagine you are now sitting on your computer to find a product your company provide, open your favorite search engine (yahoo , Google or MSN) write your product name and hit search.OopsWhat all of these sites?!!
Where is my site ?
I should go to the next page..!

Unfortunately it’s not there…

That’s because this is not only related to who much your web site design is cool it’s more about how your website was built, the web standard, how fast the search engine can get your information and how to let every page of your website easily get by the search engine

This is our job at Alex Web Design , we build our clients website to meet all the challenges and rules set by the most popular search engines.