+ Work Process

  • The client must fill in a questionnaire to gather good information about his/her needs
  • Alex Web provide Technical and Financial offer within (3-5 days)
  • If our offer accepted a contract is signed between Alex Web and the client
  • The contract has details of each party rights, and usually the offer is a part of the contract
  • Website design process starts after signing the contract and receiving the first payment
  • Alex Web design a demo or more according to the contract
  • The client send his/her notes within (2-3 days) to proceed
  • Alex Web do necessarily changes to the demo to suit client needs
  • Alex Web must receive written or email approve of the website demo to proceed work

+ Credit & Payment

  • Usually 50% with order confirmation 50% with delivery unless another terms has been agreed on the contract

+ Copyright

All artwork will remain the copyright of  Alex Web, excluding photography, graphic imagery or branding supplied by The Client. If you wish to purchase the copyright for any work, this will be subject to a cost depending on the size of the project. We reserve the right to use all artwork to promote ourselves whether in print or online. On websites we reserve the right to use the tagline and link “Another friend of Alex Web” in the footer, without compromising the overall design.

+ General Terms

  • Data and all images must be delivered well-organized and computerized before starting web design demo
  • all data must be ready and handed to Alex Web before beginning the project and no more data to be included to the scope of work once started
  • Pictures, Logo must be provided in high resolution.
  • Alex Web Can Provide a professional photographer if needed
  • Alex Web will provide the site images from a high quality stock photo
  • Alex Web will start designing the web site after the final demo is accepted by written approval from client.